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58 years young today. Have a great day mom! Wear something red.. you look good in red.

Love, hugs, kisses – Papalu

  • ammama - I still remember that frock.Tata brought the cloth from Australia and Khode made it for me.Umbrella was also was from Australia.He took me to Sambhaji park and took the picture.Thank you Papal as after seeing the picture I remembered the old days with nanagaru.He was such a different father.Always planning things with the family.He never came home from his tours without bringing some gift for all of us.I still remember once he brought three saris for three of us which has Laharia print on it.When I was in coleege he used to open my purse and slide some money in it.And mind you we were just a middle class family then.I feel so bad that he couldn`t be with us for some more years.Now when I have so much time when I could have looked after them they are not with me.But at the same time I am greatfulto god for giving me such wonderful Parents, A good hearted husband abd Two lovely girls and Son in laws who are more my sons and lovely grand children.Also lovely brother and two sisters and their families.God bless allof us with simple things of life.ReplyCancel

  • Lana - Happy Birthday to Rashmi’s mom!ReplyCancel

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