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BABY KATE | Alexandria, Virginia Baby Photographer

“Do you only book cute clients?”

A friend asked me that the other day. heehee. She was wondering if I asked clients to send in a picture of their kiddos and if they passed the ‘cuteness’ test, then and only then did I book them. :D

There is no cuteness test. I am just the luckiest gal in the world… I have the cutest clients in the world. Seriously. Hands down.

For example, Miss Kate. She is eight months old now!! How time flies! I took her newborn photos when she was only 4 days new.. and look at her now. She is such a smiley, happy little baby girl. So beautiful! She is a joy and I can just feel how much her mum and dad are in love with her. Babies really do change your life in ways you can never dream about.


xoxo, Rashmi

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