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A lot of times people will make the comment : ‘Your photos are so clear, mine never look that clear‘. Thank you but I assure you not all my photos are very clear. haha. I should post outtakes more often. But I think what you are referring too is a by product of correct exposure and making sure the shutterspeed is high enough that there is no blur caused because of a shaky hand.

Also, when photographers post photos on the internets, they usually sharpen them just a tad. When you resize a photo for the web, you need to sharpen it a little to simulate what the photo will look like in print.

Example 1: No sharpening, just resized for the web.

Example 1: Sharpened at 15%

Example 1: Way oversharpened.

You never want to sharpen so much that every strand of hair is visible.

Now go forth and sharpen with discretion.

xoxo, Rashmi

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