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Sometimes, a creative crop will get rid of ‘unwanted elements’ in a photograph. Normally, you should try to remove the distracting objects before you click the shutter or compose the photograph in such a way to avoid those objects. However, sometimes you might forget, or it might be something that cannot be removed. In such cases, cropping a photo will help you out.

For example, in the first photograph, you can see the exersaucer in the background. We removed it later but I wanted it in some photos because, well, that is part of life with a baby. So, the first photo is probably the one I like the best of the set… it captures a moment in their lives that is real.

The second photo was taken  from the same vantage point as the first.. but I cropped it down to eliminate the exersaucer and also cloned out some objects on the coffee table.

In the third photograph, again, I left in the exersaucer.. but will probably clone it later.. for now I like it in there.

With the high resolution provided by digital cameras these days, it is possible to crop a photo after the fact. Ideally,  you should get the composition right in camera.. but don’t be afraid to crop a photo later if required!

A great rule to follow for cropping is called The Rule of Thirds.

xoxo, Rashmi

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