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Greewood Family | Alexandria, VA family photographer

I spent a beautiful spring evening with the Greenwood family, making some photographs around first in the studio and then in theirView full post »

Styleauteur Lauren Rothman | Alexandria, VA editorial photographer

Dear readers, You probably saw the behind-the-scenes post for Lauren Rothman’s photoshoot. Lauren has just finished her first bookView full post »

About albums and how I am a bit of a control freak…

Hello blog readers! You know how I am always encouraging you to print your photographs, get them up on your walls and console tables andView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day!

A Poem For Mom by Champagne S. Baker You are the sunlight in my day, You are the moon I see far away. You are the tree I lean upon, You areView full post »

Style Bible : What to wear to work | | Alexandria, VA editorial photographer

Photo shoot for the Styleauteur herself, Lauren Rothman. Lauren’s book : Style Bible has just been published. A behind the scenesView full post »

Wisteria (when you’re near)

Taking time to stop and smell the wisteria.View full post »

Ibrahim & Family | McLean, VA family photographer

First there was Junnah, then there was Jibrael and now comes Ibrahim. Ibrahim is nine months old and as cute as can be. He was dressed allView full post »

Letter To My Daughters | April 25th 2013

Looking at our friends Vanity and Fear square in the eye and taking the Road Less Traveled.View full post »

Super Maeve | Alexandria, VA family photographer

This is Maeve. She is two years old and has a contagious smile and big brown eyes. Maeve is a special girl and that is why she is known asView full post »

Preparing to Travel

Making travel arrangements and preparing for the trip of a lifetime!View full post »

Cain Family and the cherry blossoms | Washington DC family photographer

We got to the cherry blossoms in DC in the morning for William’s photos this year.  Every year we go and see the blossoms.. they areView full post »