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What is the Celebrating Mom session? It is in part a personal project and in part a long term effort to assuage my own guilt. This is my heart’s work.

Let me explain. My older daughter was born in 2003 and my younger daughter in 2006. I was there with them every day and many long nights. Whether it was a sleepless night, a slow walk around the block, bandaging up a skinned knee, dropping off to preschool or cuddling before nap time. I was there. How did it look when I hugged them when they were tiny and fit so perfectly in my lap? I know I laughed till my belly hurt when they danced and sang in their lispy voices. I wish someone had taken a photograph, so my kids could see many years from now how much their mom enjoyed them when they were that little. I know I read them the same board books over and over again and just as I had finished a little voice would say ‘Again mama!’ What a treasure it would be to have a photograph of reading time, of snuggling time of this-little-piggy of butterfly kisses, of flour and paint all over the kitchen while we baked or finger painted?

I can’t get that time back but I wanted my friends and my clients to have the opportunity that I missed and so was born the Celebrating Mom session. In my experience I have found that the other parent shifts the dynamic of the session just so and it is enough of a difference that it shows in the photographs that are made. With mom usually behind the camera, for this one I want her to step in front of it. It is magic to watch her transform, not worry about her hair or any extra pounds, to hopefully see herself just as her children see her. Beautiful. The center of their world.

xo, Rashmi

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