Andy first contacted me in December to see if we could schedule a holiday card session for his two boys, Jack and Henry (3 and 8 months old).. but I had already closed shop for the season. In his words ‘I fear my wife might try to do this herself in which case our friends/family will be getting a picture of her thumb for the Holidays‘ . haha. They ended up not having to send a thumb photo after all.. his wife Jennifer was able to get a picture of the boys together (this, as all parents, including me, know is a most frustrating impossible task!).

We scheduled a session for April and in our emails back and forth discussing time/location/clothing… Andy replied:

“These pictures must be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and if Jack’s perfectly pressed seersucker suit and patent leather white bucks gets one speck of dirt on it I will COMPLETELY FREAK out. I want the perfection of a Martha Steward Christmas dinner with the anxiety of a Beltway litigation proceeding – I think the children should respond well to that.”


Needless to say, we had a wonderful session!

Before we headed to the playground, we took some photos on the sidewalk… Henry (who is a one year old now) is the cutest little guy ever. Chubby cheeks, a couple of teeth and the bluest eyes and the sweetest smile.


Then to the playground where Henry had a change of clothes, a snack and brief stint in the sandbox. Jac (who is three years old) had a ride on the merry-go-horse and it was all going very well…


… till Jack bumped his head and got a huge goose egg on the back of his head. So we headed home but stopped on the way at the corner store to get some ice for Jack. And a lollipop. He felt much better.


Once we were home, Henry needed a snack..


.. and Jack showed me all his cars and monster trucks.


We stripped Henry down to his diaper and he had a blast playing with his favourite blue ball..


Thanks so much Andy and Jennifer. Your boys are gorgeous and so full of life. It was a pleasure.

xoxo, Rashmi

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