“I am so fond of tea that I could write a whole dissertation on its virtues.” – James Boswell


Growing up, I used to drink coffee every morning. I know this sounds strange because these days kids don’t  have coffee but we did.. mostly it was a cup of milk with a spoonful of instant coffee and sugar in it. But post-kids, I don’t enjoy milk anymore.. so now I just have tea. Two cups. One in the morning (heaven forbid someone talks to me before I have had my tea!), one at tea-time (around 4.00pm). Some days I need an extra cup around 1.00pm, to get me through the afternoon.

I love tea. Chai. Not the herbal flavoured nonsense. Just regular old chai. Boil water, add tea leaves, let it brew. If I have a scratchy throat, I throw some ginger in the brew. But otherwise it is nothing fancy. My kids love tea too with Marie biscuits.

Very rarely I get a cup of coffee. I am always amused and fascinated by the ‘Quad split-shot grande in a venti cup, one pump mocha, one pump cinnamon dolce, non fat, with whip and mocha drizzle, americano misto. orders. Really? That is not coffee people. That is a formula. Coffee is just coffee. I almost sense relief when I say ‘hey, can I get a small cup of coffee’.

I think the making of the cup of chai, the anticipation and the drinking.. all quite therapeutic. Never gets old. It is never too hot or too cold for a cup of tea.

Anyway.. just my random musings for the day. Have a great weekend!

xoxo, Rashmi

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