Andrew & Taylor

Andrew is a big brother now! Here he was in the fall of 2007.. a baby , not yet walking. Here he is in the fall of 2008, a toddler on the go but still with a baby face and now in 2009, here he is with his baby sister Taylor! Time flies!


Andrew is just the sweetest little 3 year old. Curious, cautious and cuddly.


Taylor is 7 weeks old. She was such a good sport… we woke  her up from a nap a few times, changed her outfit… and she  managed all of that without crying even once. Sweet sweet baby.


At 3 years and 7 weeks, getting a sibling shot is not the easiest… but we gave it a go.


And then it started raining so we moved to an indoors location…. more of those later! Courtney and Dave, it was lovely to see you all! Congrats on baby Taylor.. she is gorgeous!

PS : Had to come back and add this one because it makes me smile! :)


xoxo, Rashmi

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