It feels more like December 14th today! So cold. Those Ugg boots are so ugly but at least they keep my feet warm. It is going to be a long, cold winter. Here are some tips to make the best of the cold weather:

1. Accessories. You know those cute gloves or hat you saw in the store or catalogue.?You couldn’t justify paying that much for gloves. BUY them. You will wear them often so don’t buy that scratchy acrylic stuff. Buy some yummy wool, even cashmere. You will not regret it. Save your old one for the snowman you will be building soon, unless its in good shape. If its in good shape, donate it. There is nothing quite as freeing as donating clothes, hats, gloves, jackets. Somebody can use them and you have zero guilt in  buying something new.

2. Buy comfortable and warm boots and socks. SmartWool rocks.

3. Buy a new coat. Yes black and brown are practical. But don’t be practical.

4. Get some GOOD hot chocolate. Make it at home. That will pay for those cashmere gloves.

5. Buy the good crayons, the good glue, the good art supplies. Winter means staying indoors more and more art projects. It is no fun when the material is sub standard.

6. I want this one to be ‘befriend your crockpot‘, but I can’t lie. I cannot stand my crockpot. All it seems to make is flavourless, mushy food. But the best thing I bought last year was a Le Creuset red enamel dutch oven. Love that thing. Think soups and stews.

7. Focus on holiday activities and not holiday gift-giving. Gift-giving is just stressful all around. If you must focus on giving gifts then make it a fun challenge. Yes online is easy but local means you have to get out of your pajamas and meet interesting people. Bonus, you can support a small business.

8. Donate your time. Money is a good thing but time is more valuable. It is so easy to snap back into ‘my life is brilliant! I am so blessed’ when you spend time with someone who has so much less than you, be it things or family.

9. Be a bear. Take naps. I love the winter for cuddling up with my kids in the afternoon, reading books and napping!!

10. Make paper snowflakes.


xoxo, Rashmi

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