…. time for holiday card photos! I know some of you are breaking into a cold sweat at the mere thought of getting everyone ready and looking at the camera and smiling. Ahh…it can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. For those of you (like me!) who will be attempting it yourselves this year… a couple of tips:

1. Start early. The later you wait, the colder it gets and the more stressed you are. So while you may be imagining yourself in turtlenecks, scarves and hats, try to get a photo now, while it is still warm and you don’t mind being outside without a coat on!

2. Use a tripod. That way YOU can be in the photo too.

3. If you don’t have a wireless trigger, press the timer thingy and make EVERYONE run to their spot. Mark it with a dot or an X. Yes everyone. That makes for lots of laughter and great expressions!

4. If the kids are not listening… do not get frustrated. Put the camera away. Try again another day.

Today’s family… aren’t they beautiful? Notice the size of the ottoman? Yes, smaller is better for photos! That way everyone gets really close to each other. Thanks Lynn, Brian, Jack and Hadley!


And as it happens often, my most favourite photo is the one that happens in between the moments  where we are trying for the perfect photo. Perfect can be so overrated.


Good luck taking those holiday card photos! I should have a contest for the best outtake… that would be fun!

xoxo, Rashmi

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