I don’t have a disorder (my family might disagree), but I am a bit obsessive and compulsive. You see, next weekend is my daughter’s 6th birthday party and well, that gives me a wonderful platform to nurture my obsessiveness. If you are going to tell me ‘Rashmi, she won’t care. All she wants is her friends and cake!‘, I would say to you, ‘I know this. I just enjoy it. So bugger off!’ . Ha.

So this year, deciding on a theme was a bit dodgy. She wanted a ‘Magic Treehouse’ theme. You know, those books with Jack and Annie? Okay, frankly, that gave me zero ideas. So we talked it over. And I know we did a ‘blue’ birthday party for her 4th birthday, so we might be sort of repeating… but this year we are doing orange. With a pink accent. Say what?! Well, her fave colour is orange this year. And orange has so many possibilities!!

So my first post-it had this list (how do people live without post-its? I try and be as green as possible.. but for post-its, I make an exception).

– Date, Time, Location
– Guest List
– Invitations
– Food/Drinks
– Cake
– Decorations
– Craft
– Party favours
– Gift(s)
– Outfit
– Party Crown
Ahh yes, a party can be as complicated as you want it to be. And we like complicated.
Date, Time, Location – check.
uncheck uncheck. I ordered the invites, and then we had a change of location, so I had to make frantic calls to reprint. And you know, as much as I love cards with photos on them, I do love the old-fashioned ones a tiny bit more. And I love me a good cardstock. And I have zero patience to actually MAKE invites (actually, i could have… next time). So tinyprints.com to the rescue. check.

Next up was the guest list. Now I read somewhere that the rule is, your age + 1 + sister. 8. When you are 6, your social circle widens to : family, neighbourhood kids, school kids and preschool kids. So I had her make her list of 8.. and that was that. Invitiations stamped and sent in the mail.

Food/Drinks . Now this one is still subject to change. So far we are thinking, ‘top your own pizza’… the kids will get pizza bases and they can choose what toppings they would like on it… nothing too fancy.. just the basics. While they are doing their craft, I will bake the pizzas in the oven. There will also be cut up fruits and vegetables… possibly with oranges and carrots taking center-stage. Drinks… if I can find something in clear bottles that is orange but not a soda. And milk.

For grown-ups, we are thinking a soup/stew with some yummy bread.

Cake. Ahh yes… my lovely friend Cindy will be making an orange and pink cake. Woohoo!! She also mentioned pink and orange popcorn… sounds interesting! Of course I will worry about kids choking on popcorn because I am a bit crazy like that. I still watch my kids like a hawk when they eat popcorn/grapes and the rare hotdog (who am i kidding, I always cut that in half).

Decorations. Now here is where you might think I am a little crazy but I swear, my friends are crazier than me. That is my defense. ;)

Decorations always start with a trip to the Paper-Source store on King St. Such inspiration! I picked out a few different kinds of printed papers… oranges being the central theme of course. I want to make a paper flag garland… something like this:

And some tissue pompoms:

And some paper lanterns too (again oranges and pinks)

And while I am going crazy, I bought some simple white napkins and target and I am going to do some transfers on them… like here.

Craft . We are making shrinky dink pendants. I hope they turn out! While the kids eat their lunch, I am going to ‘cook’ them and string them on some elasticy gold twine that I got at the paper-source.

Favours. They get to take home their necklaces with the pendants they made themselves.. and also some pencils that I am going to decorate with the same paper as the flag-garland. See instructions here. I got these really small and cute take-out boxes at the paper-source… I will probably decorate them with the same paper and put the necklaces in there, along with some orange candy (there is that yummy candy store on King and Fairfax).

Outfit. I should save this discussion for another day.. otherwise you all will really think I am nuts. I am not. I promise. It involves many hours of searching and researching and a lovely friend finding fabric and making a skirt. It also involves calling ten different jcrew stores.

Gifts. If you have been reading my blog for a while, or know me in person, you will  know that apart from being an obsessive compulsive, I am a bit of an anti-clutter freak. The show ‘Hoarders’ gives me the nightmares. I once even wrote to Oprah seeking help in my anti-clutter ways. I. CANNOT.STAND.CLUTTER. But having said that, I do not deprive my kids of gifts. We just don’t buy them too much STUFF. I think experiences are better than stuff anyway and frankly they prefer sticks, stones and cardboard boxes. But anyway, she will be getting a book or two (her favourite books these days are the American Girl stories), a new outfit for her Barbie (her request.. and seriously, why are the outfits made so crappy like?!! I need to find an etsy seller who makes quality outfits… I am appalled at the excessive packaging and cheap quality of outfits at Target!!). Maybe a couple of other small things (skipping rope?).

Lastly there is that thing called the Birthday crown. You know how when your kids are in preschool, the birthday  kid gets to wear the crown. I love that. I mean its nice and all for everyone to wear party hats… but I think the birthday kid needs to get some extra special love. ;) . And since paper hats really make me want to weep, this year we are doing a felt crown, to reuse for many many birthday to come. See  how pretty this is… the etsy lady is making me a custom one. Woohoo!

So there it is…. actual pictures post-party. There will be friends, cake and a very  very happy birthday girl. In the end that is all that  matters. All this other stuff is just icing on the cake. :)

xoxo, Rashmi

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