I know I sounded all pouty and negative in my previous Disney post, so I thought I would post ten things that we DID love about going to Florida. :)

1. The weather. It was in the 60s and such a nice change from the cold weather here!

2. The beautiful outfits that my friend Anna made for my girls. I was just so sad that I didn’t get to take any photos of them in those outfits while we were there…. i was sick and took the day off.

3. The Wishes fireworks. I love fireworks and even though the birthday girl was crying (she is scared of the noise), we saw them several times and loved the music and the fireworks together. Genius.

4. Meeting our lovely friends there and spending a day in Epcot with them.

5. Appreciating the cleanliness of the parks. With that many adults and kids… it was really clean… and we  never really saw anyone cleaning up! *magic*

6. Looking at my husband who was looking at me as we together looked at the joy and amazement in our children’s eyes.

7. How helpful everyone was at the parks and how organized and on schedule everything was…. especially the parades and the way the music is timed for different sections of the parade.. that was really something!

8. Seeing all these little girls everywhere, fresh from their appointments at the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique.. wearing princess dresses, an updo and glitter. :D

9.Mousecleaning. Enough said.

10. Being together. When you are forced to share one room for a week, you realize that everything you really want in life is right there…. none of the stuff left at home really really matters.

xoxo, Rashmi

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