The Great Easter Egg Blog Hunt!

Hello Blog Readers!

It is time to start a new tradition and a new contest! The Great Easter Egg Blog Hunt.


1. Find Green Easter Eggs like the one below.

2. How many do you need to find? 13.

3. Where do you find them? Hidden all over this blog, in over 300 blog posts.

4. How do you find them? Clues are at the end of this post.

You must find the correct post. It will have a green egg on it somewhere. Copy and paste the URL/link of the post (eg: , and write down your answer. Once you are done, post DONE in the comments and then email me the answer list. Don’t post your answers in the comments because then everyone will see them! :D

Your answer list will look something like this:

1. . Answer : Rashmi

2. Answer : Egg Hunt.

Additionally, if you link the blog hunt in your blog or website or Facebook or you RT my tweet,   you will get one additional entry  in the drawing!

5. What does the winner win?

A spring/summer one hour session with yours truly (April-September 2010), along with a 11×14 print of your fave image from the session.

6. Who can enter? Anyone! If you don’t live in the area and you win, you are welcome to gift the session to somebody you know who does live in the Alexandria/DC area!

7. Blog Hunt ends on midnight, April 10th 2010. Drawing for the winner will be on April 11th 2010. Happy Easter Egg Hunting!


1. One of the bravest people I have ever photographed is Cole. He has Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He also has two baby brothers. What are their names?

2. Last year, on India’s Independence Day, I photographed a tiny little preemie baby. What is his name?

3. Recently, my lovely clients helped me raise money for Haiti. What was the name of the fundraiser? How much money did we raise?

4. We went for a long vacation, over 2 months, to my parent’s home. Where did we go?

5. Last year, I photographed a gorgeous little girl who rode a horse. Shakespeare would say her love interest was Romeo. Who am I talking about?

6. A while back, I went to Bethesda for this little lady’s session. What is her name?

7. How many outfits did Kate wear for her 14 month session?

8. How many babies participated in the Babies!Babies!Babies! session?

9. Recently, Rashmi and her family headed south for a family vacation. Where did they go?

10. Recently I gave makeovers to three lovely ladies… what were their names?

11. I have photographed one homebirth as a photographer, what was the name of the mama who gave birth to the baby?

12. During Fenwyck’s session, we put an unusual accessory on the cat’s head. What was it?

13. How old is Rashmi?

Who says Easter Egg Hunts are only for children?

xoxo, Rashmi

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