I know as parents, we want the happy photos, the smiling, peaceful, content photos, especially of newborn babies. My older daughter, she was anything but calm, content and happy for the first 3 months of her life. She was colicky, refluxy and overall miserable. It was a good thing she was cute because I am not sure we would have kept her otherwise. Also, there was no manual on the upkeep of said baby and nobody ever told me how hard it would be to nurse (oh the painful memories!) in the start and how little, truly little sleep you get.. and when the baby finally does fall asleep, how, instead of resting, you keep checking to  make sure the baby is breathing, and has not rolled over and is not choking on the swaddling blanket. Ahh yes.. the blissful newborn days. This picture would sum up the newborn days in my experience. Luckily for Kinley’s mama… this is the exception rather than the rule.  Kinley is a content, happy, sleepy  baby!

I always laugh that there is no way in heck either of my girls would ever have slept during a newborn photo shoot. I get my fix with client babies. :D


All that to say, don’t just take photos of happy moments.. photograph the crying babies too… the way they flail their arms and legs and turn tomato red. :)

xoxo, Rashmi

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