thursday thunderstorm

So today, during Nap/Quiet time, a thunderstorm was brewing. After watching the clouds for a while on the deck, I decided to go upstairs and check on my older daughter. I knew there was no way she was sleeping. Not with a thunderstorm happening outside. Sure enough, I open the bedroom and door and see this..

She had opened the curtains and was watching the rain, waiting for lightning, listening for thunder. Just like her dad, she loves watching the storm clouds and anything weather-related. So we sat together for a while and watched, took photos of each other and together, played card games, till I finally fell asleep.

I love how:

1. She crosses her legs and sits.

2. Her silly, self-conscious smile.

3. Her love of reading and writing. She was writing a note, backwards (sdrawkcab) for her sister, because she wants to teach her how to read.

4. Her ‘secret drawer’, full of silly bands, pencils with erasers, note pads, candies collected at birthday parties, a note from her teacher. All the stuff that is special to her.

5. Her imagination.

Thank you thunderstorm for slowing me down to observe the sky and the wind and for giving me an excuse to break Quiet Time rules.

xoxo, Rashmi

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