All quiet on the eastern front..

… well, except for my mom’s snoring (heehee). It is 4:30am here.

We went to sleep last night to fireworks going off in the entire neighbourhood (or colony as we say here in India). I love the noise and smell of fireworks. It was nice to be a kid and not worry about the pollution and chemicals.. as an adult, it makes me a little anxious. But back to the sleep… that in itself is miraculous… my kids are so used to the quiet that is America that I can’t believe they can sleep without a static noise machine helping drown out the noise! Of course the jet lag is still in effect.. which means me and the big girl have been up since 2am. There is no convincing our bodies that it is the middle of the night and time to sleep.

We are having a wonderful time here in India, eating lots of wonderful food, the kids are playing playing playing to their heart’s content in shorts and tees! It is funny how easy it is to fall back into an indian routine of having someone else do all the work. No cooking. No cleaning. No laundry. No work at all.

We just counted the number of swings in my parent’s house.Nine. Now if that number does not indicate that they are having a swinging good time, I don’t know what does. They are feeding carrots to a turtle, catching centipedes and chasing geckos. Their bodies refuse to adjust to the time change, so they have been up since 12:00am, but they don’t seem unhappy about it.

Meanwhile, the baby is oblivious and sleeping well at night. He is also discovering his toes and hands, and is on the verge of rolling over from his back to tummy.

(It is 5:11am and the call to prayer from the local mosque is definitely going to wake up the little ones who ARE asleep!)

My daughter’s teacher said they are doing a unit on world religion in school.. and while we are missing school, we are definitely not missing a real education on world religion here!

Oh and the best part is giving lots of cuddles to my wee nephew. He is just the sweetest little button.

sorry for the disjointed thoughts.. my mind can’t function without tea, and I am waiting for someone to wake up and make me a cuppa.

xoxo, Rashmi

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