Back to life..

… back to reality.

Our glorious 6 week vacation in India is over. We are getting over jet lag (only this time it is not as bad) and I am diving back into the routine of being the mom-taxi, the cook, the laundry lady and everything else in between (you know!), while freezing  my ass off.

I have to say, we do work an awful lot here.In India, at my parent’s home, I would wake up, work on the NYT crossword, leisurely having breakfast and lunch and dinner, not doing an ounce of work. Ahh.. everything good must come to an end I suppose.

My nephew learned a lot of skills while we were there. Isn’t he the cutest little baby ever? I think so.  My 4 year old does not agree. I asked her if she misses him and she replied, matter of factly, “Not really. I don’t like babies. They smell weird and spit a lot.”

Hope you are enjoying the snow. I am enjoying it a lot, from the inside of our heated home. It sure looks pretty.

xoxo, Rashmi

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