I thought I would do a slide show with all my favourite client photographs from thisĀ  year… but then I decided that going bowling with the family and cleaning out the garage might be a better way to spend a few hours.

It has been a great decade. The three big highlights in our little family being our wedding (2000), and births of our daughters (2003 and 2006). At the end of the next decade, my daughters will be 17 and almost 15. The thought of that makes my head spin, so I will try not to fast forward to 2020 in my head just yet.

Hope you are enjoying this last day, of this last year, of this decade. I am thinking about some new year’s resolutions for myself. One of them will be giving myself a deadline to finish proofing a client session. Like 2 weeks. For some reason, when I have ONE session left to finish finish, I stall. It’s like I don’t want to finish my To Do list. There must be some deep psychological reason for this. But while it is still 2010, I AM going to finish up the very last session (Amy!) featuring the stunning yellow fairy above.

And my second resolution is not to snack while I am on the phone. No really. I get on the phone and my feet start walking to the pantry looking for chips, or gummi bears, or cheddar bunnies or whatever the hell I can find. No snacks while on the phone. I can do it.

xoxo, Rashmi

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