Today, we had an opportunity to visit the National Portrait Gallery, without the kids, and it was so marvelous to be able to savour all the beautiful artwork without distraction. One particular exhibit, really pulled in me. It is called “Close to Home: Photographers and their Families” , and is the work of contemporary photographers, like Tina Barney (her large scale prints are full of life), Virginia Beahan (her photographs, with her ailing mother are touching and exquisite), Carrie Will (her photographs with her identical twin sister are intriguing) and Margaret Strickland.

Strickland’s work, in particular, really made me stop and stare, especially when I saw her age : born 1986. She has taken a series of portraits, of her sister, portraying everyday life. They are simply amazing, and I don’t even understand why I loved them so much. The one, in particular, that I couldn’t stop staring at is called ‘Washing the Beetle’.

Image courtesy : Margaret Strickland

There is a certain magic, in seeing a photograph, printed and framed and displayed in a gallery. Margaret, and her parents must be so proud. On a personal note, it encouraged me, to dig deep inside my creative self, to find a subject that is close to my heart, and to photograph it over a length of time.

Hope you had a wonderful, windy, Saturday!

xoxo, Rashmi


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