I see you, yes you, with the thousands of digital photographs, all in your computer somewhere. Have you backed them up to an external hard drive, or offsite someplace? If, heaven forbid, something were to happen to your computer, do you realize how terribly, horribly, upset you would be?

So first, BACK THEM UP.

And second, PRINT THEM OUT.

And if you have time for a third, ORGANIZE THEM (not only on the computer, but also in your photo boxes!). Keep it simple. Year and Month is fine.

I have a folder called : 2011 . In that folder are subfolders called 01, 02, 03….. 12. Do not rename the files from DSC_1234 to something like Uncle_Johns_BBQ. Just don’t do it. Listen to me.

There is nothing quite like seeing your photograph, in print. To hold it, to examine it, to put it on your fridge or frame it and put it on the console table. Heck, it would is even nicer to share them with friends and family (sorry mom.. i know i need to send you lots of prints!).

Do you know how cheap it is to make a print? VERY. Like cents on the dollar cheap.

So go forth and print.

xoxo, Rashmi

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