after school activities… or lack thereof.

My daughter’s favourite thing is to climb trees. She gets home from school, throws her backpack down, kicks of her shoes and wears her flip flops and heads outside and climbs trees. She enjoys it more than any other real after school activity.

Speaking of after school activities, what is going on in our crazy world that so many kids are now enrolled in 4-5 different activities a week?

Piano, Swim Team, Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Dance, Soccer, Taekwondo. Unless our work hours demand that our child needs to be in some kind of after-care, why are we keeping our kids this busy? I have yet to meet a child who does not enjoy just hanging out at the playground, playing with sticks and stones or climbing a tree. Just playing, with other kids, the good old fashioned way. This after-school activity is getting out of hand people. OUT OF HAND. Parents are harassed, schlepping our kids to these activities. Kids are tired, doing these activities. Dinner is now perfunctory. It is ridiculous.

More tree climbing. Less activities. Peace.




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  1. Nanu,
    I couldn’t agree with you more but quite a few of the parents may well be more than happy to see them crashing out than be involved.
    And may be curriculum drafters have had their own experience translated.PTA may be better forum to vent your anger and frustration.Often it is the mother who feels the pain.Go papal go.Daddy

  2. I agree – way too much structured activity – I’d prefer even hanging about listening to music than all these classes. So far have stayed away from all classes – may eat my words in a few years but for now the only class my kids need is a “how to let mummy sleep through the night” class.

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