We only get to live once, right? So we should use that time in the best possible way. How then is it possible to do this (keep a house, run a business, raise kind children) and do something beyond our little circle of family and friends? I struggle with this all the time. And wonder what the heck am I doing? Worrying about us us us us and not expending more of that energy outside of everything and everyone we know. Do you ever feel like that?

My friend Becky shared this article from the National Geographic. It is about child marriage, in India and other parts of the world. Growing up in India, we were aware of child marriage. But it happened in remote parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, and did not happen to people we knew.. so we let it stay out of our consciousness. There was never a sense that we could do something to help.

(All images used courtesy of the photographer : Stephanie Sinclaire)

But now, as a mother of two girls, how can I look at these photos, read this article and not feel the urge to do something? Yes donating money is the easiest and quickest and most probable solution.. but I wish I could do more. Yesterday I was worrying about my girls when some boys at the pool were being aggressive. Can you imagine the worrying and pain the parents of these children go through? And the children themselves? It really breaks my heart.

So, I am putting it out there… as my children get older, I want to use my photography not just to take photographs of beautiful, happy families and children, but also the not so happy ones, with real problems and suffering. If anyone reading this can point me in the right direction, I would be ever so grateful.

xo, Rashmi

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  1. How true.All of us donate some money and keep quite.We all feel deeply about such issues and feel so helpless.That is why I have great respect for people who are actually out there trying to find solutions for so many social problems,at times giving their own families less priority.But you need guts to do it.For Instance Medha Phatker,Anna Hazare,They are god`s special people I think.

  2. Hi Nanu,
    The fact that it ( this deep seated social awful tradition ) has struck you out of the blues and is bothering you in itself speaks of your sensitivities towards the mankind in general and unfortunate women in particular but to cleanse the society of such a menace as I see one way is to display such revealing,,poignant photographs in a village fair ( just the video ) by visiting one such village say in either Gujarat or Rajasthan on your next visit to us here as part of your vacation.How about it? Well it may be just a drop in ocean yet it is still a drop,right.Lets do something different next time.May be if there are some murmurs while seeing these snapshots then we could add an audio element to it extempore!Idea is to see some such thing through your own eyes!

  3. Hi Nana.. indeed, that would be a great idea. They say it is dangerous though as such marriages take place under utmost security.. so I am not sure how possible it will be.

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