What is a mom to do when her daughter loves dress up, loves makeup and loves being a rockstar? That is just her, not something I have encouraged or discouraged. As Lady Gaga says, she was just born this way.

Dress-up : that’s easy. As long as it is not skanky, its okay with me.
Make-up : Hmm. All those toxic chemicals. Sorry, no can do. We do not mess with that junk. Not in our shampoos, lotions and definitely not in makeup. If they are on a playdate in a home that has such products, I am not a scrooge about it and they can use it, but  we take it off the first thing when we are at home. And I would be a hypocrite to use it myself, so I rarely do. And if I do, it is a ‘safe’ cosmetic.

I am not so much concerned about the message that cosmetics send to my daughter. She is just five, and its just something fun for her. She, like her mama, is not lacking in the self-esteem department. She is just a very girly-girl (unlike my older daughter who won’t go near that ‘gross’ stuff).






So this morning, when I should have been out hurricane shopping for milk, bread and toilet paper (apparently these are the essentials) along with the rest of Northern Virginia, I started cleaning out my drawer and remembered this tutorial I saw on Pinterest.  So out came the nail polishes that my cousin had given my daughter (sorry cousin.. I had hidden them away!) and some contact-lens cases (my poor kid doesn’t get real makeup cases) and I spent a half hour making some makeup. My head hurts from all the toxic fumes in the nail polish.. yuck. But I think this is a good solution? Realistic looking makeup just perfect for play.

Anyhoo, what are your thoughts on makeup for your children? Do you allow it? Am I being crazy?

xo, Rashmi

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