October always seems to be the busiest, craziest month of the year for me. September is the end of summer. November is the beginning of winter. October, like Goldilocks in the Three Bears says, is jussssst right. Not too warm. Not too cold. And it always reminds me of that one amazing day, in the middle of October, where we drove up Duke Street, took a right onto Quaker Lane, breathed through a contraction, took a left on Seminary Road and ended up at Alexandria hospital. Later that evening my daughter somersaulted out of me and peed everywhere as if to declare ‘Here I am, watch out world!‘ . When she was handed to me, my mother’s silent prayers finally quieted down and we just looked at our little Chairman Mao and we were in wonder and awe and amazement and every emotion that signifies that it was the best day ever. I became a mother. My husband became a father. My mother became a grandmother. And life became so much sweeter.

Oh October… You are my favourite month of the year, and not just ┬ábecause of the wonderful weather, the fall festivities, the apple picking, the pumpkin carving and the costume making… even if you had not one of those things, even if you were February, I would still love you the best, because.. well just look at that sweet Chairman Mao face!


xo, Rashmi


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