This is a atypical of me. I don’t gush publicly. In fact my sister even called a ban on anniversary felicitations within the family (we don’t listen to her). We are just not a touchy-feely kind of tribe. But I am making an exception.. and my family should stop reading now.. they may or may not gag.

one year anniversary – weekend getaway to The Sanderling.

11 years, 11 reasons.

1. He gets better looking every year. It’s not fair. I don’t get better looking every year, but he never tells me that.

2. I cannot think of a single person on this planet who does not like him. Which proves that everyone is attracted to Good. Because that he is, a good person.

3. He is thoughtful. Not in the once-a-year-make-a-reservation kind of way, but in the let-her-sleep-in-every-morning kind of way. Which proves that everyday kindness is far more generous than a once-in-a-while big show of generosity.

4. He is hard working and has an outstanding work ethic. He got this from his Dad, who I wish my kids had had the opportunity to meet.

5. He loves me. With all my craziness, flaws, impatience and nonsense. He deserves a Nobel prize for that.

6. He embraced my Indian-ness without a second thought. He makes great idlis, sambar and even kheema. He puts on his kurta and bows his head down in prayer to Gods with elephant heads, in a language he does not understand.

7. He will drop everything and ask ‘What can I do to help?‘. And even if I am a mean-ass about it, he will help anyway.

8. He is a wonderful father. My kids don’t know how freaking lucky they are… this morning I woke up to find the wikipedia web page for the Little Mermaid opened up on my computer. He does his research. He is hard core like that.

9. He is present. His mind is in the here and now. Whether it is playing monopoly or watching lacrosse. His mind does not wander off to grocery lists etc. like mine does. Because he is present, he has a wicked good memory. Thank goodness for that because I have no recollection of my kids first words, first teeth, first anything. Yes, I am a horrible mother.

10. He enjoys staying home and has no desire to go watch sports and drink with a bunch of guys at a bar, using curse words in lieu of English. I can’t tell you how nice that is for me because I have zero attraction for that kind of stuff. Also it makes him a built in babysitter while I am out for drinks and dinner with my friends. Yes, he tolerates my double standards.

11. He is incredibly smart, and curious and intelligent. I just bring the fun and jokes and good eats to balance out the relationship.

I have no idea how I got so lucky, and as I wrote to my daughter in our journal today, I hope, that if she chooses to get married one day, she waits till she finds someone who has all the outstanding qualities of her Dad. And who is able to bring out the best and balance out all the crazy in her (i didn’t write the crazy part.. but thats the synopsis).

Happy Anniversary to us. 11 years. wowee!


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  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful example you both are setting for your kiddos. You have a humble and grateful, yet strong and self-assured, personality. Beautiful family!

  2. Rashmi this is just beautiful. You have such genuine appreciation for him. Congratulations to you and your hubby…may you celebrate many more!

  3. No gagging…very true and appropriate! Many congratulations! Here’s wishing you many many many wonderful years ahead! *clink*

  4. Pappu, so well said. It’s the little things that matter. You are blessed to have such a lovely husband, and vice versa too! Much happiness to you two always.

  5. LOOOOOOVE. happy anniversary and really, why DO the men get better looking without even trying? Cheers!

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