Valentine’s Day

To my dear daughters :

Today is Valentine’s Day. ┬áIf you were to believe what the telly or the shops were to tell you, it is about candy and roses and cards and jewelry and stuff. They tell you that because they want to buy things. They are in the business of making profits.. they don’t know much about love at all.

You see, love, like kindness is not something you can buy – it is something that has to be put into practice every single day. So when you find your one true Valentine, remember that love is something you celebrate and work on all days of the year. It does not always come in the shape of roses and chocolates or the spoken word, it manifests itself in actions. A cup of tea, a favourite meal, a made bed, a tidy sock drawer, a tank full of gas, a listening ear, a soft place to fall.

A big outwardly show of love like on a birthday or anniversary or today is wonderful but it is like a decadent dessert without dinner. Trust me, you always want to eat dinner first.

xo, Mom

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