7 +1 Random Things:

1. I wish I went to bed at 10:00am so I could wake up happily at 6:00am. I think I will try it for a week. I have always been a night owl so this will take effort. Bootcamp has not seen me in a while.

2. Staying off Facebook (and most of the internet) has made me very productive. I sat and updated my business Quickbooks for 5 hours straight today without getting distracted.

3. I wish I updated Quickbooks every couple of weeks. Or I wish I was not such a control freak that I could outsource it for someone else to do for me.

4. I like dogs from a distance. But I don’t like dogs to lick me. This is odd because I used to love dogs when I was younger.  And people who don’t pick up after their dog should be thrown in jail. So gross. Not even in the same league as chalk on the sidewalk. Just sayin’.

5. My 8 year old daughter wants a guinea pig for her birthday. Damn you Pet Smart! Also Pet Smart, those birds in those tiny cages – that is mean.

6. I think zoos are also pretty cruel. I understand why they exist but it pains me to see animals like the glorious lions in such tiny enclosures.

7.  Some things just go together : Feta Cheese and Spinach, Shrimp and Coconut, Bread and Butter. Some things I have a harder time comprehending their  pairing : Peanut Butter and Jelly.

8. Children who go to school should brush their hair and tie it up. Neatness counts not only in handwriting but also in appearance.

Hope everyone is well.

xo, Rashmi



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