Letter To My Daughters | July 25 2012


Dear sweet girl of mine,

I believe there are two kinds of people in this world :

1. People who are wary at first and then slowly, over time trust another person.

2. People who trust immediately, blindly, fully and then have their hearts broken when that trust is broken.

You and me, we are in that second group. So we go through life with our hearts wide open, believing people to be good till proven otherwise. For me, over time, people have chipped away at that blind trust. Each ding to the heart was not without pain and so I am so sad that you might have to experience that as well. Even as a little toddler, if someone said they were going to visit us or call you and then they forgot, you would get so very upset. And now as a 8 year old, its bigger things like friends not being friend-like that fills your heart with sadness. I understand. You trusted them fully to be a good friend instead of waiting and seeing what kind of person they were before giving them your heart and friendship.

There will be dings along the way sweetheart and I just want you to know this, that when it happens, I am here. No judgement. Just a soft place to fall, hugs, cups of tea and a listening ear if you want to talk.

The hardest thing about being a mama is seeing your child get hurt. I would take a million heartbreaks to spare you even one. But that is not how life unfolds. Live and love with your heart wide open, take risks and don’t be afraid of failure.

Love you and your sister so very much. You are my everything.

xoxo, Mummy

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4 thoughts on “Letter To My Daughters | July 25 2012”

  1. “I would take a million heartbreaks to spare you even one.” I couldn’t agree more Rashmi and for the record, I’m in group #2 also. Love the things you talk to your girls about.

  2. Aww Rashmi I love this. I am the second of the two as well and find that in some ways its made my life harder and then sometimes better and either way I LOVE that your daughter inherited this kind hearted trait from you! BIG hugs sweety! Def teary eyed after reading this!

  3. Rashmi, your daughter is so incredibly beautiful! And I must say, I do adore her shirt. :) You’ve written very true words, my friend. It’s so wonderful to see these life lessons you share with your girls. So beautiful. xoxo

  4. Aww Rashmi, you’re always full of such wise words that I wish I could have written to my own daughters – I store your letters away for them

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