Letter To My Daughters | August 26 2012

Dear girls,

There is just over a week left before you put on your uniforms and get on the school bus to start third and first grade. The summer seems to have flown by and you are excited to go back to school. At the beginning of each summer vacation, you both make a bucket list of things you would like to do. I don’t think we have checked everything of yet (we still have a week!), but we have had a most wonderful summer.

New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, the beach, library, museums, pool, water park… rafting in the pond with Tata.. meeting new friends, saying goodbye to old friends, seeing friends and family after a long time… s’mores and corn and fish tacos, olympics and dancing and cannon-balling, puzzles and games and parks and tea parties and even the telly. Sleeping in and naps and cuddling. Road trips and flights and fireworks and farmers markets.

What a fun filled summer with the two of you. Love you both so much. I am going to miss you terribly when you are in school.. it never gets easier to watch you grow.

xoxo, Mummy

Please head over to my beautiful friend Emma Wood’s blog to read her letter to her daughter Libby. Emma, you inspire me daily with your words and photos. Can’t wait to meet you some day. xo

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