one more day

My beautiful girls,

The storms that mark the end of summer are here. This afternoon it started pouring and you asked me if you could go out in the rain. And so there we were on our deserted street on a Sunday afternoon, just enjoying the simple pleasure of the warm summer rain drenching us to our very bones. It is these things I will miss now that our summer is coming to a close.

The simple things… lingering in bed in the morning with the two of you joining me for a ‘mummy’ sandwich and snuggles… not having to feel like I have to rush you as you eat your breakfast and as we plan our day, board games and movies all cuddled up on the sofa…  watching you canon-ball over and over again into the pool…’watch this one mummy.. and this one.. and this one...’… going to bed late after stopping for ice-cream at the Dairy Godmother, long walks with the two of you taking furious notes in your books… so many many memories.

Beautiful girls, we had a wonderful summer, just like I had hoped.  There were no camps (at your request) and mom-taxi was off duty. I genuinely enjoyed the simpleness of an unplanned but full-of-fun summer. But now our school supply shopping is done, uniforms and shoes are ready and in one more day, it will be time to get back to school. You are excited, you are eager to learn and once again I am envious of your teachers who will get to spend the best part of the day with the two of you. I don’t say this with a mom-bias because I am pretty sure anyone who knows you would agree, your teachers are lucky to have the two of you in their classrooms and in the not so unexpected way of the universe, both of you have wonderful teachers once again.

You will learn so much in school this year and I will learn along with you but as always my loves, the most important things I want you to learn are to be good people : kind, caring and giving. I want you to treat everyone like you would want to be treated, to include someone when they are feeling left out, to stay away from cliques that exclude people, to stand up for what you believe is right. And when in doubt, remember to always to take a minute, take an hour, take a night’s sleep to make the best decision. You will make mistakes and you will fail many times. But that is okay. As I tell you often, we can only learn from our failures and if you don’t make any mistakes then you have not taken any risks.

I will be there at the end of every school day to listen to what you have to share about your school day, your new friends, teachers and routines. I am excited for you. Your future is oh-so-bright and I have the best seat in the house to watch you shine!

Love you to infinity and beyond,

xo, Mummy

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  1. What a beautifully written piece! Your love for your children is so apparent in this post … truly heart-warming and inspiring. What a wonderful summer it sounds like you had. You captured all those “simple” moments that create meaningful connection and beautiful memories! I am so touched that you chose to share this with me. Thank you for your kind words about the inspiration of my messages!



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