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First there was Junnah, then there was Jibrael and now comes Ibrahim.

Ibrahim is nine months old and as cute as can be. He was dressed all dapper when I arrived, so of course I had to make his mom strip him down to just his white onesie.

His big brother Jibrael, who is 3 now had a late night the previous night and when I got there was not interested in any kind of photographs. He was being his age and having a massive meltdown in the buff. Now it is never a good idea to try and make a three year old do anything when they are in such a state, so we let him calm down at his own pace.

Junnah, who will be five later this year was also  a perfect illustration of her age. She loved my pink shoes, and one minute wanted her photo taken and the next was soooo tired and needed a nap. We made the best of it. To me, at this point in their life, a perfect family portrait would almost be unreal. As their mom told me, she doesn’t get a chance to eat most days, the days are long. So I knew that I would just document what I saw, the beautiful chaos of the early years. There are many years in the future where a perfect family portrait (whatever that means!) is possible. But today, we made something better.


xo, Rashmi

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