Wisteria (when you’re near)

apologies for the Def Leppard reference

I was driving to school to pick up the kids this afternoon and this most wonderful fragrance was in the air. The side of this home in Old Town was covered with wisteria and the fragrance made me stop the car, put on the hazard lights and jump out to just breathe it in.

After picking up the kids, I took them back to the wisteria. There was a little old lady there with her grand daughter. She said she had to stop her car, park it and show her grand daughter the wisteria. I said yes, I did too because they reminded me so much of my grandmother, she used to love flowers and pointed them out to us all the time. The old lady teared up and said yes, that is why she had stopped too… wisteria were her grandmother’s favourite flower and she wanted to share their beauty with her grand daughter.

She grew up in the south and I grew up half a world away.. and yet we had this in common. It really made my heart smile.

xo, Rashmi


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  1. That is an amazing coincidence Rashmi!

    I saw a lady walking by, and I asked her what it was. I am not much on flora but trying to learn.

    Take care keep up the great work!

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