Dear friends,

The other day I posted this on my Facebook:

“Sometimes it feels like everyone else is doing so much more…getting promoted at their jobs, travelling all over the world, buying fabulous holiday homes, training for marathons. I suppose that is what 40 should look like. I am just hanging out, trussing a chicken, making mushy peas, youtubing how to make a ballet bun with the fresh air blowing in and music playing.”

While there were many replies which made me laugh and think (I have the smartest friends around), the one that really has stuck with me is what my friend Ingrid said, “I’m just thankful I get to do what I enjoy most of the time, whether it’s teaching or cooking or working out or whatever – there are so many people whose time is not their own (for whatever reason).”

Of course. The one commodity that cannot be bought, or earned or bartered or rewarded is time. I am so blessed that I am able to choose what I do with most of my days. I felt that to my core today as I rode my bike into Old Town for a networking meeting with some fabulous, talented and hardworking ladies, followed by lunch with a friend who I had not had a chance to chat with in a few months. I got to do that. To hang out with these people and share ideas and stories and feel such joy at their successes. Time well spent.

I am so grateful for my time being my own. I hope to never take it for granted. I haven’t yet mastered the ballet bun, but I got to make these photos of her and feel her absolute JOY at starting ballet again. To see her excitement, her nerves, her beauty and have the time to take that all in so it is something I won’t ever forget. I feel so lucky to have had the time not to rush through it all. As they say, even a dying person wishes for more time with their family and loved ones, not for a promotion or a lottery or a vacation. Just time.

xo, Rashmi


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