Jess and crew

A couple of summers ago, on the way to Miami to celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday, I stopped for a night in Atlanta. My friend Jess and her family had moved there after finding out they were having twins. The twins would be their 4th and 5th children so they wanted to be closer to family who lived in the Atlanta area. Jess wanted some photos just of their everyday morning, chaos and all. These are the kind of photos that I love the most. I don’t direct anyone and just observe. Often that means sacrificing the perfect light or composition but I feel that when we look back on them, 10 or 20 years from now, we can truly get a sense of what life was like when the babies were babies. These are the kind of photos that we will cherish the most.

In Jess’ case, with her husband Jeff by her side and her parents always there to lend a hand, their children are as lucky as can be. They are just good, genuine people who welcomed me into their home. Their children are lovely, each with unique personalities and each being surrounded by such love and support. I just wish all children had the kind of parents these children have. Gentle, patient, kind, attentive and just full of love. I don’t think Jess was getting much sleep those days, with the twins waking up to nurse.. but I didn’t once see or feel her starting to lose her patience. We stayed up late chatting like old friends.. she is just one of those people who you feel like you have known forever. I can’t describe it really.. this family is just special.

Here are a few photos we made.. the kids were all waking up, getting cuddles from grandma, then helping Jeff make breakfast, then playing dress up and on and on. Oh, did I mention that Jess sews the most excellent stuff for kids and adults. Check out her store – 5 out 4 . She also homeschools her children, so basically the rest of us can go ahead and feel like total and complete slackers now!

Love you Jess and crew!

xo, Rashmi


















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