I have a confession to make. Now that my kids are 7.5 and 5.5 years of age, I genuinely enjoy spending time with them. A couple of years ago, I would dread an outing with them because, well, they were still so little and it was always such an effort. And most days we came home and I wondered why I bothered because someone or the other was always in tears, either too tired, or too upset or wanting something again and again.

Now, they wake up, slowly make their way to the kitchen, eat breakfast and then get ready for the day. Yes I still have to prod them to clean up their rooms and not dilly dally.. but it is nowhere near what it was a couple of years ago. And guess what, we can just hop into the car and go and spend hours outside, exploring new places, eating lunch and having a genuine conversation (they crack me up!) and I don’t have to tell them every two minutes to not fidget and sit up and eat properly. It is quite pleasant.

I genuinely love hanging around with my children now. I can’t say that was always true. :)

xo, Rashmi

Sidebar : how on earth is it already the end of June?

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