… a thousand, completely unrelated stories.

Well first there is the obvious story that takes center stage. The cutest little baby in the world, who happens to be my nephew. I mean, just look at him.

Some of the other thousand stories:

1.  I really should have used the wider lens.. but even at 3:30pm, I was pushing ISO 800 at f/1.8 (sorry to get technical).. so the 28-70mm lens that opens up to f/2.8 at its widest was just not going to cut it. The baby crawls too fast.. hence the dreaded finger chop.

2. It was that dark at 3:30pm because the storm clouds were rolling in. We were not complaining, the rain was much needed after so many hot hot days. That day the temps were in the low 70s.. after a few days of temps in the 100s.

3. The baby woke up just as the big kids went down for a nap. They went down for a nap because we said they had to nap if they wanted to go to Coney Island in the evening.

4. Dratted Coney Island was closed (the amusement park) and the kids were bitterly disappointed when we got to the boardwalk. Even the pizza was not saving the day. And we dared not eat the Nathan’s hot dogs.

5. That headscarf you see on the baby.. it was put on him by his nanny. The funny part is that the baby’s brother got it as part of a goody bag from a Cowboy themed birthday party the previous day. His mother (my sister), on seeing it was made out of some polyester material, put it in the to-be-trashed pile. Crazy Brooklyn sister.

6. My sister wants to buy a piano.. to replace that futon in the background. Not that you can sleep on a piano.

7. The Stokke chairs are the best kids chairs ever. I am not sure why they had to go and change their design to add all these safety features.. but apparently the straps are no longer detachable. Boo.

8. Many people think the baby is a girl. Even though he never wears dresses. He does wear rompers though and other babies need to learn from him. Baby = Rompers. Baby is not equal to jeans. Just sayin’.

9. Many people think baby looks like his brother. I disagree. But perhaps I am just seeing his completely opposite personality. He does not burst into tears every two minutes (still not sure how my sister survived the first year in her first son’s life).

10. You really really really don’t need a big house with a gazillion bedrooms and bathrooms. A small, efficient, organized home is more than enough. Truly.


One picture.. so many side stories. The main story being the supremely cute baby, my nephew Govind.

xo, Rashmi

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