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Today is my 37th birthday. Happy Birthday Me. I was woken up by hushed voices, a chorus of “Happy Birthday Mom!” and some hand drawn cards. The past few days, thinking about my upcoming birthday, I really felt like I did not want or need anything. I have everything I could possibly need and the older I get, the more than I realize that everything is not really things at all. I have good people in my life, family and friends. And I believe in good people. And good people believe in me. And that is enough.

My friends and I are doing 37 random acts of kindness today (thank you friends!) and that is a perfect gift. This morning I paid for coffee and a muffin for the lady after me at the bakery. She seemed puzzled when the cashier told her she didn’t have to pay.. and even though I told the cashier to not mention who/what/when.. she pointed to me! I was so embarrassed. The lady came up to me, and said thanks and was smiling ear to ear. She asked why and I said my friends and I were doing some Random Acts of Kindness today… so she laughed and said she was going to pay it forward and thanks for making her day. How nice is that?

Anyway, it is great to be alive! Here’s to another year of a beautiful life.

xo, Rashmi

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