Letter to my Daughters | December 30th 2013


Dear girls,

The end of the year is almost here. Our planet has gone around the sun one more time. Our lifetimes are just a blip in the expanse of time itself. Sometimes when I think about that, it makes me wonder why on earth we busy ourselves as much as we do. Do we really matter? Does our contribution in our lifetime change anything? In a 100 years, is anyone really going to care what we did with our lives, our small kindnesses, our accumulation of memories, friends, family and things? Why should we bother? Or more succinctly, the question that has been asked for thousands of years : What is the meaning of life?

Just like the earth, we rotate around our axis of family, doing our daily deeds like waking up and making beds and going to school and eating dinner and brushing teeth. And just like the earth we slowly make a wider circle, around the sun towards bigger goals and hopes and dreams. I don’t know the meaning of life, but I do know a little on how to bring meaning into our lives. Maybe those two intersect at some point. Maybe the butterfly effect of a small kindness towards a stranger changes their life in a tiny way, and they in turn change somebody else’s life in a tiny way and so on and so forth till we have all shifted just ever so slightly and perhaps one day, millions of years from now, we would all evolve to be a good, kind, peace loving human society. So ours is a minuscule piece in the huge puzzle. But I like to believe it is still an important one.

Love you so much. You both are my sun and moon. You bring meaning into my life and make me want to try and be a better version of myself everyday. Here is to many new adventures in 2014. Let’s make it a fantastic year!

hugs and kisses,


This week I link to my friend Kirsty Larmour whose adventures with her girls are incredible. I hope one day I can grow up to be like Kristy. Follow her on instagram too…she is with her family in Lapland, Finland right now..literally skiing with reindeer. :)

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  1. Ah Rashmi, my wise friend who teaches me how to be a better mother – you say the things I want to but can’t quite form -how lucky those girls are to have a Mama who understands that the little things really do help to make up the big picture… and BTW I want to be you when I grow up too xx

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