Letter to my Daughters | March 25th 2014


Dear girls,

We have had a big month. The fantastic basketball championship final was the highlight of March. We wore purple, wrote on our cars, cheered like we had never cheered beforeΒ with beads and pompoms and life-size faces of all of you. We were just so proud of you girls for putting all your heart and soul into the game. Who would have believed you would have been in the Championship game? The same team that didn’t win a single game for two years in a row? There were no tears when you lost that final game, nor should there have been. You gave it your 100% (and more) and there was nothing more you could have done. It was a joy just to watch you this entire season. So many lessons learned – how to be a good spectator, how to practice hard and be a good sport.

There was that big book report that was due and you figured out how to make a presentation on the computer all by yourself. You practiced your speech too and this time your nerves were fewer, your confidence higher, your voice less wavering and your independence more than your last presentation.

We had the first lacrosse match for you little one. After watching your big sister play for three years, it was finally your turn. There you were in your orange tights, stretching and warming up, playing defense and offense and mid. Your Dad and I were grinning ear to ear watching you play. You turned around to see if we were watching a few times. We waved and smiled and yelled out your name. I could tell your heart was so happy too.

I have learned to let go and let you play Minecraft. You both enjoy it so very much. I tried to play it and found it incredibly hard but there you are building houses and barns and dying your sheep different colours. I have no idea how to even get a sheep.

It’s been a big month for me too, taking on a new challenge that I have absolutely no experience with and giving it my all. I see you try new, hard things and it makes me want to do the same. You see me try new, hard things and it makes you want to do the same. We are each others teachers and students. I love that.

Each day we are living, learning, connecting, failing, getting up and trying again. I am so proud of the two of you. Always work hard and be open to new opportunities and your life will be filled with blessings.

All my love, xo


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2 Responses

  1. there are no bounds to the ways they will grow. you are so clearly teaching them how to try and risk and put your heart in full on. with humor, tenacity, with the big world. keeping a cocoon will only clip their wings. you have two very brave and beautiful butterflies, rashmi. xo

  2. Oh those faces Rashmi! I love your letters – how you know how much to guide and how much to stand back, and how much to observe and learn – it sounds like a big, but really good month :)

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