One More Day

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This is it. Your very last day of elementary school is here. I still remember crying like a fool, writing One More Day, the night before you got on the yellow school bus to go to kindergarten. I was sad for weeks. I missed you, my buddy, my sidekick. I loved running errands with you […]

Dear 12 year old

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Dear 12 year old, You were born in America. You were born with a Dad and a Mom. You were born with college educated parents. You were born with parents who care deeply about you. You were born with aunts and uncles and grandparents that care deeply about you. You were born in a country […]

Choose Good

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Dear girls, We must choose good. Many times during the day we face a choice between taking the easy path, the incorrect one or the good one. Choose good. Just this simple act of taking a second to make the right choice, and doing that over and over again, will make you into the people […]

5 Day Trips in and around DC.

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Hi friends, This Spring Break we decided to staycation. Luckily we had fantastic weather and the kids are at great ages where they can keep going all day, they are learning history in school so they are keenly interested in things that five years ago would not have held their interest. So here are some […]

A Magical Vacation

We just got back from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and it was the “best vacation ever!” according to my children so I thought I would share some (many) photographs and describe what it was like in case you want to plan a trip for your wizards (or muggles). First, my 11 year old daughter […]

Monda Market

Last winter we visited my parents in India. My daughter had to do a school project about the meaning behind certain rituals in Hindu ceremonies. We were going to have a Puja (religious prayer ceremony) at home for my Dad’s 70th birthday and so we went to the big market in the city (Monda market) to […]